Advice On Picking Out The Perfect Jewelry For You

Advice On Picking Out The Perfect Jewelry For You

So you’re looking to treat yourself! Or perhaps, you’re starting a new job and want to make a lasting impression as a professional but not go over the top either! However, with so many options available, the task of finding the perfect jewelry for you can be rather daunting! Well, we’re here to help with that!

So sit back, relax and let’s walk through some things to look out for, to find the perfect jewelry that suits you!

Take a look at your wardrobe

The best jewelry for you should compliment you when you wear it. Since you’ve probably also got your own style or wardrobe already, you’ll want to consult your current attire before adding anything new. Just like it’s a general rule not to wear crocs with socks, there are some items of jewelry that just don’t match certain outfits. For example, it would be a bit odd if you wore a brooch with a t-shirt and shorts as a brooch is usually more of a formal aesthetic.

The main color choices in your wardrobe can also affect what type of jewelry may be perfect for you! As much as people claim they have such a variety in color with their wardrobes, most people tend to lean towards one or two colors more than others. So, if your wardrobe mainly consists of blues, perhaps a blue gem would be most suitable. Or maybe you want something that’ll stand out a bit, you could always try a complementary color in that case!

Either way, the jewelry you choose should complement what you already have, you shouldn’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe just to suit that one necklace you bought on a whim!

Pick something suitable for your lifestyle

Very similar to what we just mentioned above, the jewelry you pick should be something you can wear while still going about your daily life/ routine. If you’re an athlete for example, getting gangly earrings that could easily get caught or pulled off while you’re active isn’t a great idea. Or if you’re an office worker, maybe you should avoid those giant tacky necklaces that would look great at parties. 

What we’re trying to get at is you should pick jewelry that you’ll be able to wear just being you! Just like you shouldn’t buy a whole new wardrobe for your jewelry, you shouldn’t have to uproot your life to suit it either. Unless, of course, you want to change things up and are preparing yourself for that! Then, go crazy!

Don’t skimp on things you like

As much as people feel like it’s ludicrous to spend huge amounts of money on what are essentially “pretty stones” you wear, spending that extra few dollars could be the difference from looking like you’re strolling out of the dollar store or a high end Jewelers. Plus, usually the higher price is associated with high quality materials that are less likely to contain nickel or other cheap metals which could actually be damaging to wear for long periods of time. 

So by spending that little bit extra, you can both get jewelry that’ll last longer and you’re less likely to have allergic reactions to mixtures of impure metals in the “cheap stuff”. 

Don’t worry about being “trendy”

A lot of people fall into the trap of buying jewelry simply because it’s trending right now, but what about a few months from now when those items are no longer “in fashion”? If you buy your jewelry simply because everyone else was, then not only does the jewelry not reflect the true you, but it may not even suit you as well as you hope! So rather than getting caught like a tourist in one of those tacky store traps, pick out jewelry you like and plan to wear regardless of how popular the design is because it’s just for you.

No need to over do it!

Just like everything else fashion wise, you could easily overdress when it comes to jewelry too. Sometimes, wearing less or having a simple design would look nicer than any overly complicated piece with hundreds of sparkly stones. Never underestimate the appeal of simple metal or a single centerpiece. Often our brains can’t even focus on all the little details, so in the end, it just looks like a giant blur of shouting colors.

So, keep it simple! Pick a color you like, or even a design and just roll with it! There’s no need to try to compete with anyone else to see who can spend the most to get the biggest or fit the most diamonds into a single ring or necklace.

Hopefully you feel a bit more confident in picking out your own jewelry after reading through this guide! If you’re feeling up to it, why not try looking for something today! Click here to check out our collections!




July 19, 2021 — AN PHIL

How to Make Wrap Bracelets

I attended a house party last weekend and saw my friend Kevin’s wrap bracelets. That got me excited and I thought if I can make it at home. Wrap Bracelets are the comfortable version of bangles and can be easily designed in various styles and colors. You just need a few components that you like to wear and you’re good to go. This is what I used:

1)      Leather cord (color of your choice) – about 1mm in thickness

2)      Bead strands – depending on the color and glossiness. Also look for metallic pearls.

3)      Regular thread – make sure that color coordinates with rest of the material.

4)      Small Eye Needle

5)      Button – for closure – fancy or plain, as you like

6)      Scissors

Cut around 17-18 inches or leather cord for every wrap that you desire to make. I used two raps, so I cut 36 inches. Identify the mid-point and tie the knot to close the loop. Button should be fitted neatly but make sure that it’s not too tight or loose.

Next step is threading the needle. Thread should be doubled up for strength and cut it for the length as per your convenience. You will require repeating this a few times. After that, tie one side of cord with the thread. Choose the side as per you preference – left side, if you work from left to right or vice-versa.

Start by passing your needle over the left cord and thread on a bead, then pass underneath the right cord. Then work in reverse order towards the left side and this time passing needle over the right cord and thread through another bead, and beneath the left. This is a figure 8 motion. Continue the pattern – every time passing through the right, add a bead between two cords. Each time you go left, thread it through the bead hole again.

When you run of thread, cut a new length of the thread, put it in the needle hole and tie the two ends together with a knot. Trim off the extra length and start again. When you achieve the desired length of the bracelet then stop adding new beads. Just repeat the figure 8 patterns with thread only, a couple times and tie a knot to close the end.

Finally, take a 2-holes button; push one code upwards through first hole and loop back to push it down through the second whole. In case you have 4-holes button, then do the same with second code as well. Knot the codes underneath and if possible, add a drop of glue to strengthen the bond.

This is it, and your bracelet it ready!

July 07, 2014 — Florence Scovel