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How to Make Wrap Bracelets

I attended a house party last weekend and saw my friend Kevin’s wrap bracelets. That got me excited and I thought if I can make it at home. Wrap Bracelets are the comfortable version of bangles and can be easily designed in various styles and colors. You just need a few components that you like to wear and you’re good to go. This is what I used:

1)      Leather cord (color of your choice) – about 1mm in thickness

2)      Bead strands – depending on the color and glossiness. Also look for metallic pearls.

3)      Regular thread – make sure that color coordinates with rest of the material.

4)      Small Eye Needle

5)      Button – for closure – fancy or plain, as you like

6)      Scissors

Cut around 17-18 inches or leather cord for every wrap that you desire to make. I used two raps, so I cut 36 inches. Identify the mid-point and tie the knot to close the loop. Button should be fitted neatly but make sure that it’s not too tight or loose.

Next step is threading the needle. Thread should be doubled up for strength and cut it for the length as per your convenience. You will require repeating this a few times. After that, tie one side of cord with the thread. Choose the side as per you preference – left side, if you work from left to right or vice-versa.

Start by passing your needle over the left cord and thread on a bead, then pass underneath the right cord. Then work in reverse order towards the left side and this time passing needle over the right cord and thread through another bead, and beneath the left. This is a figure 8 motion. Continue the pattern – every time passing through the right, add a bead between two cords. Each time you go left, thread it through the bead hole again.

When you run of thread, cut a new length of the thread, put it in the needle hole and tie the two ends together with a knot. Trim off the extra length and start again. When you achieve the desired length of the bracelet then stop adding new beads. Just repeat the figure 8 patterns with thread only, a couple times and tie a knot to close the end.

Finally, take a 2-holes button; push one code upwards through first hole and loop back to push it down through the second whole. In case you have 4-holes button, then do the same with second code as well. Knot the codes underneath and if possible, add a drop of glue to strengthen the bond.

This is it, and your bracelet it ready!

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