Donations and Charity Inititives

Florence Scovel Jewelry believes we have the social responsibility to share and care with our surrounding communities. We assist organizations across the globe by funding many different initiatives through donations and sponsorship initiatives.  Our objective is to drive a strong positive social impact in these communities, bringing hope, compassion and inspiration to everyone involved and affected by a given cause. All the donations we offer are given as gifts, whereas all sponsorship programs are created in alignment with brand marketing initiatives. 

Unfortunately,  we cannot guarantee funding for all applicants as we receive hundreds of eligible requests every year and follow a strict evaluation process to ensure that the funds are invested with care and responsibility.

For more information on Donations and Sponsorship Initiatives, please email us at with the subject line: "Donation and Charity"


Some of the charities we support:

All donations are a cash or in-kind gift to a charitable organization or cause. In order to qualify, the applicant organization must be a registered charity with the appropriate authorities.